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From5to4 is the winning mobility game from the Netherlands!

Click here to watch our promo video

Click here to watch our promo video

About From5to4

From5to4 is the formula to combat traffic congestion and contribute to a sustainable United States. It allows you to give your green image a boost. The formula is simple: From now on, one day out of five is commuted differently.

How can From5to4 be used in your company?

Depending on your size of your organization, you can deploy From5to4 in different ways. With our help you will be able to determine your focus.

From5to4 as a measure!

Are you looking for a way to inform your employees about the different available commuting options? Then From5to4 is the approach to implement a professional campaign in your company.

From5to4 as a dashboard!

You already implemented a transportation demand management policy, but are unaware of insights such as travel patterns? From5to4 is the game that will bring a positive change in commuting behavior.

From5to4 as an image!

Are you committed to the transformation of the workplace and how your people get there? Do you want to make a significant contribution to lowering traffic congestion? Then From5to4 is THE promotion tool for your organization.

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The Game

From5to4 is a fun and simple game people play that involves recording their journeys to work. It’s a straightforward formula: for every work week, players need one day of commuting in some way other than a drive-alone car trip. The aim of the game is to encourage employees to travel to work by walking, cycling, using public transit, or by carsharing – all the while having fun competing against their friends and colleagues.

What is From5to4

From5to4 is THE mobility game originated in the Netherlands and currently also available in the UK, Portugal, Romania, Bulgaria, and Belgium. The goal is to improve the commute time of all employees in a fun and educational manner and simultaneously reducing 20% of cars on the road during rush hours. Employees are incentivized to apply a new approach of commuting to work. This approach benefits both employers and employees in several ways. 
Whilst playing as part of a team, employees can compete with other teams to see how man sustainable trips are made each week. In return, the participants receive up-to-date feedback on how much energy they have saved, calories burned. On top of this, contestants can win prizes of various sorts.

Why should I play From5to4?

While playing the game participants will be informed AND experience the variety of commuting options available to them. On top of that the digital mobility coach will give tailor made suggestions to the player about how to travel smarter. All companies that played the game decreased their rush-hour solo-driving trips by 20 percent on average, increased bicycle usage by 10 percent, and reduced the organization’s carbon footprint of transport by 15 percent. So, any organization that experiences traffic congestion problems in their local area and is keen to make a contribution to reduce this, will benefit.

Why From5to4

For the US the costs related to traffic congestion are estimated at $ 121 billion per year, approximately 0.8% of the 2011 GDP (based on: TTI’s 2012 Urban Mobility Report, Texas A&M Transportation Institute and Worldbank). From5to4 has the ambition to encourage employees to change their travel behavior and use sustainable transportation modes for at least 20% of their commuting trips. This is possible if they work and commute smart. From5to4 suits an employer that is looking to offer their employees a fun competition whilst also sending a serious message about its commitment to the health and well being of its staff and the sustainability of its local environment.

The offer

You will receive access to a secure private online gaming environment and helpdesk; a white label game lay-out with option to add company look and feel, and regular reports on the commuting behavior of your employees. You will receive a package of marketing materials (posters, stickers, etc.) to increase participation levels. After six months of playing the game, a final report, including next steps, will close off this period of gaming. From5to4 is an online game with an offline support system; no need to install any additional or unnecessary software.


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